Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2396 - Year : 2002

Practical method for dry docking calculations of ships in dry or floating dock

Julien EUGENE, ANAST - Université de Liège


Few books deal with the distribution of blocks for dry-docked ships although they are dry-docked at least once a year for technical survey. Therefore, a computing method is needed to set up a correct cradle, that is to say composed by a number of blocks sufficient but not excessive.

Considering the data transmitted from ship owner to shipyard, detailed calculations are not feasible for most of cases.

The method presented in this report consists to cut into sections the ship, then to distribute the weight of each section on a number of blocks which is function of the characteristics of the dry-dock floor, the ship structure and the blocks themselves.

This procedure is used by ARNO DUNKERQUE Shipyard to dry-dock ships in graving docks and on floating docks. It is a simple and rational method to set up the cradle for every kind of ships. This is the result of a large experience in dry-docking different ships.


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