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ATMA AWARD – Best end of study project 2020

The ATMA selection committee has decided to deliver the best end of studies project award to three Ecole Navale students: the Enseignes de Vaisseau Catherine, Gautier, and Mahieux for their project [...]

ATMA session 2020 – Best conference

The ATMA Council, in its last meeting, decided to award a trophy which will be delivered to the winners as soon as the health situation allows to:   Lara Ladonne Devillers for the paper: [...]

ATMA award: Best end of study project

Award reserved to French schools and universities, so see the French [...]

ATMA session 2019 – Best conference

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a trophy which has been given on March 11th, 2020 to: Philippe GOUBAULT, Hugo FERRÉ (Naval Group), Camille YVIN [...]

Publication: Bridging the seas - Larrie FERREIRO

The ATMA draw your attention on the publication «"Bridging the Seas: The Rise of Naval [...]

ATMA CMF member (French Maritime Cluster)

ATMA joints as member the CMF French Maritime Cluster. The CMF web site being only in French, for more details and information see the French [...]

2019 ATMA Award for Best End-Study Project

ATMA has decided to award with an ATMA award an engineer student who has completed an outstanding end-study project in the maritime field. In 2019, the winner is Paul Antoine Grau of ENSTA Bretagne, [...]

Virtual exhibition " Les ingénieurs de l’armement, 50 years of innovations"

For the 50th anniversary of the creation of the "corps de l'armement", the Confédération Amicale des Ingénieurs de l'Armement (CAIA) and the Conseil Général de l'Armement (CGARM) launched in 2018 a virtual exhibition [...]

Cybersecurity in the maritime world

The published document is in French language, so see the French [...]

Maritime European research - Toward the future

OMI (CPEM) The MEPC/IMO (Marine Environment Protection Committee/International Maritime Organization) adopted on April, 12th 2018 an initial strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions from [...]

Publication: La grande histoire vue de la mer - Christian Buchet

Book in French language, so see French [...]

Adieu to Pierre WILLM

Pierre Willm, a French military naval Architect (Ingénieur général de l’armement-Génie maritime) died March 28, 2018, the eve of the day of his 92 years. Pierre Willm is, with his partner Captain Houot who died in [...]

ATMA session 2017 – Best conferences

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a trophy to: Marc DARQUIER, Marine LEGENDRE, Didier FRECHOU, Laurent DEMAISON, Ludovic ALLO, Alain LAMARA, Fabrice LEGRAND, Clément ROUSSET, [...]

Containership Vasco de Gamma grounding investigation report

Summary In the early hours of the morning on 22 August 2016, the 399m ultra-large container vessel CMA CGM Vasco de Gama, grounded on the western side of the Thorn Channel whilst [...]

28th ITTC (September 17th - 23rd, 2017)

The 29th ITTC was held in Wuxi, China from 17th to 23rd of September, 2017. During the Conference, Didier Frechou of DGA/Techniques hydrodynamiques has been elected Chairman of the Executive Committee and Piere [...]

FAST 2017 - ATMA Awards

On the occasion of the FAST 2017 Conference that took place in Nantes from 27th to 29th of September, ATMA presented three special awards honouring outstanding scientific works in the field of naval architecture and [...]

Hydrocontest races in Saint Tropez (sept 2017)

SNAS (Society of Naval Architects of Serbia) is pleased and proud to inform you that a Team of our students of Naval Architecture won one second, one third and one fourth place in prestige [...]

Publication: The submarine technology (Aout 2016)

The ATMA draw your attention on the publication in English and French "The submarine technology" written by Alin Bovis President of ATMA. For more information see the enclosed [...]

Publication: Compendium of ship hydrodynamics (January 2016)

The ATMA draw your attention on the publication "Compendium of ship hydrodynamics" to which participated Régis Beaugrand, Jean-Claude Dern et Jean-Marc Quenez from ATMA. For more information and to read a [...]

Publication: Rogues waves - Anatomy of a monster (June 2017)

ATMA draws your attention on the book of Michel Olagnon and Janette Kerr, result of the collaboration between an artist and a researcher. The book concerns the phenomenon called "rogue wave" and collects anecdotes, [...]

New ATMA President

During the Board meeting of June 15th, 2016, President Jean Le Tallec has presented his resignation to the Board. The Board has warmly thanked Jean for his action during the 7 last years and has proposed to nominate [...]

Adieu to Bernard PARIZOT

Bernard Parizot, Ingénieur Civil du Génie Maritime, Vice President of ATMA, departed this life in Paris on 20th April 2016 at 88 years old. More details in [...]

Granting of the 2015 CEMT award

At the end of 2014, ATMA proposed as candidate for the CEMT award the D2S team (Structural Analysis Department) of DCNS Research, led by Mr Jean-François. Sigrist. This candidate was chosen by the CEMT at the meeting [...]

ATMA session 2015 – Best conferences

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a medal to: - Olivier LANGEARD (DORIS Engineering – Paris) for the best paper: Articulated column concept as wind turbine offshore support [...]

Adieu to Bernard NIZERY

Bernard NIZERY died on February 12th 2015 Born in 1928, from Polytechnic school, Civil Engineer of Génie Maritime (Naval Architect and Marine Engineer) he began his carrier at Le Havre in the Compagnie [...]

ATMA session 2014 – Best conferences

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a medal to the following best paper: - Study and modelling of small fishing vessels in view to improve their behaviour on heavy sea by Antoine [...]

Granting of the 2013 CEMT award

The CEMT Award given in recognition of the outstanding contribution made in the technological, political or economic fields to the success of the European maritime industry by an individual, company or organisation [...]

ATMA session 2013 – Best conferences

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a medal to the following best papers: - Method for the quick estimation of the fatigue behaviour in a confined plastic zone: application to [...]

ATMA session 2012 – Best conferences

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a medal to the best papers: - Reduction of underwater explosion effects by a bubble curtain by M. Hervé GRANDJEAN (ENSTA Bretagne) - [...]

Adieu to Hervé CHÉNEAU

Hervé Chéneau, Ingénieur Général de l'Armement (Génie Maritime), Honorary President of ATMA, former Directeur du Service Industriel des Constructions Navales, departed this life in Paris on 27th December 2012 at 77 [...]


Jean Coune, who has been Directeur Général of the Atlantic Shipyards (Chantiers de l'Atlantique - St Nazaire - France), departed this life in La Baule on October 27th, 2008 at 85 years old. Eulogy (in [...]

Downloading of ATMA papers

ATMA members, you can now download the papers since 2005, including ASSS2008. Just go to the page Members, then to the page On line publications. To access to the page Members you need the general password [...]

CEMT activities

ATMA is member of the CEMT (Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies), confederation which is recognized within the Maritime Industry Forum (MIF) and the Commission. Meeting minutes and the documents [...]

Naval architect and marine engineer in Europe, an exciting career

Selecting the Naval Architect and Marine Engineer profession is to choose the possibility of a career with a wide range of opportunities and an international scope. You will find on the CEMT web site examples of [...]

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