Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2295 - Year : 1998

New information technologies: use in marine activity

Michel HUTHER, Division Marine, Bureau Veritas -Paris
Jean François SEGRETAIN, Division Marine, Bureau Veritas -Paris
Octavio RINALDI, Division Marine, Bureau Veritas -Paris
Abder SERIDJI, Division Marine, Bureau Veritas -Paris


Following a recall of the evolution and progress observed during the last twenty years in hardware and software, and of the Importance that communications and information are taken in the nowadays society, the consequences off t hese evolution on the two main phases of the ship life cycle, the design and the operation, are analysed. The problems of the design offices and for building are reviewed, as well as the evolution of the equipment installed on board, and the impact on costs and quality of the built ships. In operation the communication between actors, the survey of the ships in service and the maintenance are more particularly considered The conclusion points out the ineluctable evolution toward a network of the whole actors of the maritime world and the importance that standards for data ex changes will have to ensure the necessary efficiency and safety ail along the ship life cycle.

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