Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2740 - Year : 2019

Hydrodynamic friction with high Reynolds number measurement means at DGA TH

Romain LUQUET, Olivier PERELMAN - DGA TH - Val de Reuil (France)

Marine MAINTENAY - Laboratoire MAPIEM EA 4323 - Université de Toulon (France)

 Friction resistance assessment of 6 antifouling painting systems (4 FRC and 2 SPC) with various aging in seawater has been performed using 2 new testing facilities which are complementing the hydrodynamic tunnel tests only suitable for clean surfaces. The first, complex but direct, involve the towing of a flat plate in a towing tank. The second, simple but indirect, consists in the rotation of a disk in a tank filled with seawater. The 2 methodologies give comparable results that indicate huge performance differences between the antifouling coatings as the friction coefficient increases: from 5 to 53% for 3 months, from 9 to 80% for 18 months and from 6 to 67% for 24 months.


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