Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2753 - Year : 2020

Nautical information numerization

Yves LEFRANC - SHOM – division produits et services maritimes – Brest (France)


Depending on the nature and degree of importance and urgency, nautical information takes the form of radiobroadcast navigational warnings, notices to mariners, updates to nautical charts and to nautical publications. Nautical information obviously requires a national organization, subject to an instruction from the Prime Minister, to collect, prepare and disseminate information. This organization involves many maritime services and administrations as well as public and private operators and users. As indicated in the Prime Minister’s new instruction, a dedicated national platform will be implemented to concretize and boost the national organization (PING project led by Shom and the direction des affaires maritimes). While facilitating the contribution of stakeholders, it will be the means to digitize nautical information to make it interoperable and thus promote its dissemination and integration into client systems. This requires the application of standards. In the domain concerned, the International Hydrographic Organization is developing a series of “S-100” standards in the context of e-navigation promoted by the IMO, for integration into ECDIS-type navigation systems of information that complements electronic nautical charts (ENC). Digitization also induces new ways of delivering digital data to client systems at sea and on shore.


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