Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2769 - Year : 2021

FARWIND ENERGY: hydrolien sailing ships to exploit the open sea wind energy

Arnaud POITOU - Président de FARWIND ENERGY

The wind energy will be able alone to cover the humanity needs if we were able to collect it where more intense it is, i.e., in open sea. When we go farer than 100 km from the coasts, it is not exceptional that the wind speed is 30% greater than along the coast.

Farwind Energy proposes the first technology able to collect this energy. This technology, at the base of the Farwind Technology, is a hydrokinetic-sailing ship. It is a wind propulsion ship equipped with Flettner rotors using a aerodynamic effect called Magnus effect. The kinetic energy is transformed in electricity by hydrokinetic turbines located below the hull. The produced electricity is stocked on board, or in batteries (e-Farwind solution), or as hydrogen in tanks obtained by water electrolysis (H2‑Farwind solution), or as methanol (Farwind-efuel).

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