Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2168 - Year : 1991

Routing merchant ships with the on-board AIDCOM 2 software.

J.-C. PATUREL, Division "Navires de Commerce ‘’ du BASSIN D'ESSAI DES CARENES DE PARIS


The concept of attending the Master for !he choice of the route strategy is not new. However, recent micro-computing and communications softwares is now not only capable of efficient I y resolving the problem of routing ships in a commercial perspective, but can also provide a complete on-board system. This confers upon the software a certain credibility with the Master since he is able to make use of the software himself, adapted to his own ship, with parameters of his choice.

We present here an on-board routing software, giving daily information on Course and speed requirements with maximum fuel efficiency and right time arrival at the port call. Some simulation results and last some extensions forseen to improve the software, are also explained.

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