Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2103 - Year : 1989

Merchant ship operation economy: some notes on the most significant factors acting at present

G.DELBENE, Professor
M.FERRANDO, Researcher,
C.PODENZANA-BONVINO, Professor, Institute of Naval Engineering , University of Genoa, Italy .


In this paper three important factors determining the ship operation characteristics are examined; this is made from economical viewpoint, but not only from this one, and is concerning with manning, fuel consumption and maintenance.

The authors analyse, for each mentioned aspect, the evolution since the mid of the Seventies, the reasons of this the different identifiable trends; although Italian merchant fleet is concerned, many considerations are valid also for the shipping or aIl industrialized countries.

Furtherly the last years trends are examined and a tentative prevision of future developments is made by the author as regards to crew's problems (number, profession al skills, jobs and responsibilities)t to energetically efficiency, to maintenance and repairs (Condition Based Maintenance and Programmed Maintenance System).

It is to be noted that not only technical factors are conditioning the mentioned evolutions, but also regulations, insurance, social and political aspects are determining; error margin in such a prevision is 80 fairly wide, as it is easy to demonstrate by analysing similar attempts made in the past.

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