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Numéro : 2072 - Year : 1988

The MARLIN, an innovative and high performance ship concept

C.GAUDIN, Directeur Technique et Industriel de la Société Française de Constructions Navales,
B.GALTIER, Ingénieur à la Division Navires de Commerce du Bassin d'Essais des Carènes de Paris.


With its family of ships given the name MARLIN, the Société Française de Constructions Navales has perfected a high speed ship hull form, named the W form. It has both the deep V form's advantages in resistance and the broad beamed ship's advantages in manoeuvrability, habitable space and seakeeping stability. A particular aspect of the project consists, with two air injectors, in lubricating an axial channel with an air film and reducing the viscous resistance, the main component of total resistance at high speeds.

To validate this concept, a research program and an experimental study have been performed with the Bassin d'Essais des Carènes de Paris. The program included a model tests campaign, and the construction and sea trials of a halfscale prototype. The paper describes the mode! test techniques employed and presents the main results obtained.

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