Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2065 - Year : 1988

The safety of sea farms and of fish manufacturing installations

M. HUTHER,, Services Maritimes,
M. HUTHER,, Services Maritimes,
M. BAUDIN, Services Maritimes,
C.PORENTRU, Service Agro-alimentaire , au Bureau Veritas .


The aquaculture or better fish and sea-food breeding is developing rapidly. The success of this development will be mainly link to the production rentability and the quality of the products, themselves function of the reliability of all elements which make the production line.

The paper considers the problems raised up by the used technologies for sea farms and the means at disposal to designers to assure as best as possible the safety of units and equipments which is necessary for a good economical rentability.

It also deals with rules and controls to be applied to installations dedicated to sea-food conditioning and storing and with the verification of the quality of the product put on the market.

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