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Numéro : 2028 - Year : 1987

Fatigue behaviour of three copper alloys and a nickel base alloy-sea water effects

J. L. LAURAIN, Attaché aux Services Techniques des Armées, Service Technique des Constructions et Armes Navales (STCAN)


Copper alloys are still frequently used for varied pieces realization well designed to be in contact with sea water.

Nevertheless, some weakness lying in medium mechanical characteristics as well as damages arised from some corrosion specific modes venture to draw the attention to a technology change especially for components intended to support appreciable repetitive stresses into service.

The aim of this paper gives a survey of compared fatigue behaviour of three copper alloys Cu Al9 Ni] Fe2, Cu Ni30 Mn Fe, Cu NilO Fel Mn with nickel base alloy NCDNb 22-09-04,

From fatigue defects nocivity calculations, it then attempts to estimate propagation wear suited for each alloy and assesses the effects on material choice.

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