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Numéro : 1941 - Year : 1983

Damage stability of chemical tankers : application of the notion of maximum allowable height of centre of gravity

H. LAPIERRE, Chef du service Calculs Architecture Navale Chantiers du Nord et de la Méditerranée Etablissement de Dunkerque.


The presentation of damage stability calculations under the form of maximum height curve of centre of gravity in terms of water draught enables a ship's master to rapidly know if the ship complies with the requirements of the international rules and regulations regarding ship's survival after damage.

This presentation is currently used for the passenger ships ; however, it is quite difficult to apply it to the chemical tankers due to the large diversity of the cargoes involved.

The expose recalls the principle of this presentation, the principle of the calculations and expounds a method applicable to chemical tankers.

The expose is illustrated by the results obtained for an existing ship.

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