Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-88 - Year : 1988

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 88. Session de 1988

2050 - Does it still exist places in the world market?

2051 - The industrial creation

2052 - Interministerial programme of surface effect ships NES 200 – General presentation

2053 - Military surface effect ships in the 90's

2054 - Technological design

2055 - Hydrodynamic tests on NES 200 models

2056 - Unsteady hydrodynamic characteristics for a surface effect ship sidewall

2057 - Active and passive lift system of surface effect ships

2058 - Structural scantling of a surface effect ship by a finite element computer calculation

2059 - Ships constructions in aluminium alloys, quality control procedures and their applications to side hull of surface effect ships

2060 - The new helicopters

2061 - Helicopter noise summary

2062 - Gortler vortices and their effect on gas turbine blades

2063 - Parametric study of the mass and form coefficients of a submersible

2064 - Superstructure participation taken in for designing large passenger ships

2065 - The safety of sea farms and of fish manufacturing installations

2066 - Static mechanical characterisation of a monolithic composite material for hull of surface ship

2067 - Corrosion behaviour of carbides coatings for wear parts immerged in sea water

2068 - Contributions to the study of commercial ship routing

2069 - The marine black box (voyage data recorder)

2070 - Theoretical and experimental investigations on wave resistance of models of similar geometry

2071 - Comparison of two spectral methods applied to the analysis of drag forces acting on a vibrating cylinder in a subcritical flow

2072 - The MARLIN, an innovative and high performance ship concept

2073 - The automatized sail system of the Wind Star series cruise ships

2074 - Linking means used in shortening afloat of a very large crude carrier

2075 - In service inspection of naval nuclear reactors

2076 - Jump phenomena in nonlinear rolling in a stochastic beam sea

2077 - Wave plan computation method

2078 - Microcomputer capabilities -numerical simulation of a crashing wave, which depth movement and profile are calculated with a microcomputer.

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