Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-82 - Year : 1982

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 82. Session de 1982

1896 - André CASTERA (1917-1981)

1897 - Sea pollution; international or European problem?

1898 - Steering in heavy weather

1899 - Ship-model correlation -application of the ITTC 1978 method to two 122000 m3 LNG

1900 - Economical aspect of hull coating

1901 - Assistance to a 130000 tons oil tanker grounded at Arzew (Algeria) in December 1980

1902 - Recovery of the Juan A. Lavalleja, report on the method of repairing a tanker whose bottoms had been ripped out the length of the tanks

1903 - Energy savings and quality of life application of these concepts aboard a series of container ships

1904 - Research and innovation in the maritime sector: where put the efforts?

1905 - Use of CAO techniques for rapid and accurate cost establishment of ship projects

1906 - Procedure and modern strategy for the marine structure projects

1907 - Shallow water waves action on a floating storage tank

1908 - Fast calculation method of the loads due to wave diffraction-radiation on the totally submerged structures

1909 - Calculation of drift forces in regular waves. a application of Lagally's theory: comparison with experimental results

1910 - Two-dimensional flow calculation in a diffuser

1911 - Non stationary combustion of composite drops

1912 - Heat recovery through Rankin cycle on board diesel propelled ships.

1913 - Flow line laying and connecting under 250 m water depth

1914 - Analogical signal analysis method by mean of fast Fourier transforms (FFT)

1915 - Analysis of the vibratory behaviour of a car ferry-ship by finite element method

1916 - Nonlinear quasi-static analysis of sailing boat rigging

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