Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-67 - Year : 1967

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 67. Session de 1967

1486 - Louis Kahn [1895-1967]

1487 - The North West Europe and the large tankers

1488 - The notion of air change for ventilation and air conditioning

1489 - Prospective study about containerization

1490 - The Havre harbour and the new mode of maritime transport of different goods

1491 - The development of air transportation of goods

1492 - Aircraft icing

1493 - Ablation thermic protection - Physical and chemical phenomena - Corresponding methods of calculation

1494 - Measurement of wall heat transfer by thermo-sensitive paints

1495 - Essential parameters conditioning the high strength of reinfored resins

1496 - The use of titanium in the construction of supersonic aircraft

1497 - Concorde structural testing -Developing a laboratory

1498 - Synchronization of the stations of a measuring range by transporting an atomic clock

1499 - Transverse stability of small ships - Quick appreciation of their stability at large angles of inclination

1500 - Comparison between dynamic and conventional mooring methods applied to floating drilling units

1501 - Solving with a computer, of the equation systems representing forced torsional oscillations

1502 - Complement about tank of complex revolution and the multilobes structures

1503 - A French Hydrofoil EPH 1

1504 - Method for calculation and design of finite span supercavitating hydrofoils

1505 - Comparison of model tests and full-scale results at sea on single shaft ships

1506 - The braking of large vessels - Correlation between the ship and the model as far as braking by the screw propeller is concerned

1507 - Extensometric measurements during beaching in dry dock - Application to the study of the behaviour at sea of sliding joints

1508 - Tests, calculations and extreme possibilities of plane grids

1509 - Theoretical analysis of tests performed on vertical plies corrugated and reenforced plane bulkhead

1510 - The Dolabella tanker - Conception - Completion

1511 - Some thoughts on an automated steam turbine propulsion plant

1512 - The international convention of load lines, 1966 and the rules and principles governing freeboard assignment

1513 - Fin stabilizers in heavy seas

1514 - Contribution to the knowledge of the grinding-in of the diesel engines

1515 - The role of copper on the occurrence of particular cracks on steam tubes of marine

1516 - Remarks about the failure of gear wheel rims of marine gearbox

1517 - About various incidents linked to the brittleness of reversible tempering of steels

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