Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-64 - Year : 1964

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 64. Session de 1964

1398 - Paul Dumanois [1885-1964]

1399 - Augustin Augustin-Normand [1881-1964]

1400 - The methane carrier Jules Verne

1401 - Aerodynamic problems of the air inlets and exhaust nozzles for a supersonic transport

1402 - Introduction to the study of satellite behaviour control

1403 - Perspective on lifted flight at near-orbital velocities

1404 - Sloshing of liquids in missiles

1405 - About differed failure due to hydrogen brittleness of high strength steel bolts

1406 - Remarks about the selection of the fluid for hydraulic testing of high strength steel capacities

1407 - Thuloup elastic buckling general theory, presentation, complementary precisions

1408 - Contribution of the study of the cause of ship propeller failures in service

1409 - Calculation of the buckling load of thin shells of revolution loaded by a normal uniform pressure

1410 - The influence of velocity and air content of water on the cavitation inception in model experiments

1411 - An ill-known property of cylindrical vessels originally unstable

1412 - A theoretical study of the water motion in swimming-pools aboard ships

1413 - Facilities for experiments and research at the Bassin d'Essais des Carènes of the French Navy

1414 - Contact load repartition along a gear

1415 - Dual fuel diesel engine and their adaptation to the methane carriers propulsion

1416 - Scheme for the complete automation of a propulsive machinery

1417 - Utility of the calculation of the profiles of the turboengine blades

1418 - The turbine-compressor group of the continuous supersonic Modane wind tunnel

1419 - Cruise liner sailing-yacht hulls 

1420 - Speed trials

1421 - The increase of hydrodynamic resistance in calm sea and on waves when reducing the L/B ratio

1422 - Theoretical investigation for a ship in a perfect fluid

1423 - Influence of the circulation criterion on the weight and the moment of the inertia of the wake-adapted propeller

1424 - Noise in the engine rooms

1425 - Statistical determination of rolling and pitching movements of ship at sea

1426 - Fire fighting arrangements on board ships Notes about their evolution in Denmark

1427 - In situ electrical investigation and evaluation method for hull coatings

1428 - The methane-ethylene carrier Pythagore

1429 - Nuclear reactor compartment protection against collisions: model trial results

1430 - Experimental determination of the stress distribution ain the midship section

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