Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-59 - Year : 1959

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 59. Session de 1959

1247bis - Max BAHON (1871-1959), Honorary President of the Association Technique

1248 - Effects of the waves on the ships - Stresses on the structure

1249 - Navy helicopter development

1250 - Electronic computing in shipbuilding

1251 - General review and choice of the most important characteristics of a P W R for a nuclear merchant ship

1252 - Some consideration on the starting up of a pressurized water nuclear marine propulsion unit

1253 - The design of compact and light shields set up nuclear and technological problems

1254 - Behaviour of bottles in aluminium alloy with surface damages submitted to repeated pressures

1255 - Non destructive testing for optical and electronic metallography of failures

1256 - Cyclic torsional texts on repairs by remetalled shafts

1257 - Strength of gusset connections

1258 - Experimental study of pipes with plane mean line, reduced wall thickness or reenforced

1259 - Some present aspects of boundary-layer problems

1260 - Stability and control simulators for vital aircraft

1261 - About a ditching test station

1262 - Short take off and landing aircraft, using deflected slip-stream principle

1263 - Harmonic vibration testing in flight

1264 - Study of some propeller copper aluminium base alloys

1265 - Continuous profiles for turbines-blades

1266 - Contribution to pitting metallurgical study of marine gears

1267 - Overfeeding of 4 cycles diesel engine view from engine builders

1268 - Contribution to the improvement of the superficial hardening of the crack-shaft surfaces

1269 - General problems relating to short-circuit protection of electrical installations aboard

1270 - Static excitation and voltage regulation by compounding alternators for shipboard use

1271 - Diesel electric ship drives with alternative current generators and motors

1272 - Direct current electric drives for winches aboard merchant ships

1273 - A C electric equipment for ships - Pleuger directed auxiliary screws used for self-manoeuvring

1274 - Evolution of automatic curvilinear flame-cutting in shipyard practice

1275 - The elimination of the singing of ship propellers and the shape of the trailing-edge of the blades

1276 - The 15 800 cargo ships for grain and mineral Fontenoy and Rocroy

1277 - Tanker with separate ballast-tanks and without main cargo piping

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