Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-56 - Year : 1957

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 56. Session de 1957

1173 - Use of replicas in material plastic for morphological analysis of breaks

1174 - Calculation method of blades with high skew and low degree of reaction

1175 - Nondestructive technique for place and micrographiques surveys on metal parts

1176 - New post from R rings for the realization of drawers and press distribution of sectioning valves and safety valves

1177 - The electric protection of the supply of the auxiliary services on board ships

1178 - Test results of short-circuits on rotating machines and tables for onboard facilities

1179 - Considerations on the combination of a break with the HPC circuit device

1180 - Profitability of the modern hatch covers

1181 - Experience in service of four types of boilers, high pressure and high overheating

1182 - The unstable prismatic floats and negative initial stability from the point of view of the Convention of London 1948

1183 - The William Patterson transformed Liberty gas turbines

1184 - Application of nuclear energy to the propulsion of ships

1185 - The test center of the Office National d'Études et de Recherches Aéronautiques at Modane-Avrieux

1186 - The water tunnel for visualization and its applications to aerodynamics

1187 - The plane steering by deviation of the jet of a reactor

1188 - "The ""torbobarrillet"""

1189 - New method of approached development of a sewed surface

1190 - Use of Thomas steel in naval construction

1191 - Development of the method of construction of small vessels

1192 - Note on the use of the electronic megatome at the Brest naval shipyard

1193 - Coastal ships of the type «Osijek» Tests at sea and analysis of the results in service

1194 - Practical method of calculating the track internal in the piping with skewed center line under the effect of inner pressure and thermal expansion

1195 - Profiles of turbines blades

1196 - Visualization of an incompressible flow in a duct of centrifugal impeller

1197 - Forces of elasticity and damping of a film of oil and their influence in the passage of the critical speeds

1198 - Testing of a structure by percussion

1199 - Non-destructive examination of freeboard welded joints using ultrasound

1200 - Contribution to the experimental study of the degree of loading a bulkhead under uniform or hydrostatic pressure

1201 - Overview on the fatigue resistance of basic assemblies used in Shipbuilding

1202 - Experimental comparison between a wavy wall and plane wall over stiffeners under uniform pressure

1203 - The DF on board merchant and fishing vessels

1204 - Use of radar in maritime navigation

1205 - Device for the prevention of maritime collisions

1206 - Operation of the port radar

1207 - Offset of radar images

1207bis - Georges RACLOT (1874-1957), Vice-President of the Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

1207ter - Rolland BORIS (1877-1957)

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