Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-55 - Year : 1956

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 55. Session de 1956

1139 - Subsonic flow in a chopper-centrifugal compressor

1140 - Aircraft S. E. 210 Caravelle

1141 - Statistical determination of the stresses suffered by the ship at sea

1142 - Arithmetic calculators in the air force and the Navy

1143 - Electronic computing. Its technique and its application to naval problems

1144 - Employment opportunities of the loch to the sea trials

1145 - Measurement of thrust of the propellers of ship

1146 - Applications of the Decca Navigator to measures at sea

1147 - The Diesel engine maintenance

1148 - Problems and results of overfeeding of large two-strokeengines with transverse scanning

1149 - Resistance to the market of airboats

1150 - Add-ins on the linearized free surface potential applied to the study of the hull

1151 - The scale effect in the resistance of fins and shaft brakets of ships with two propellers

1152 - Remarks on the functioning of the trawlers in fishing

1153 - Air feeders. Hydropump serving pumping and hydraulic propulsion

1154 - Limits of application of the theory of the lifting line to the calculation of aircraft wings with spoilers

1155 - Analysis of the theoretical operation of the gas turbine using a graphical representation

1156 - Burning in the aircraft engines

1157 - A solution of the problem of the remote level in pressure vessels

1158 - Antennas embedded in the aircraft

1159 - Azimuth-distance means of assistance to civilian aviation at medium distance

1160 - The HF targeting applied to the aeronautical radionavigation

1161 - Testing of a model of a wing floating

1162 - Influence of the imperfections of wheelhouses on quality of rudder servo

1163 - Complex aplexic envelopes formed of sections of spheres, cones and coaxial cylinders

1164 - Non-destructive measurement of the thickness of the hull using ultrasound

1165 - Calculation of the dimensions of the walls by the theory of the collapse of Professor Baker

1166 - Measures of stresses appearing in a stern of the fact of the maneuvers of the rudder

1167 - Steams of hold. The danger they represent. Studies of the processes proposed to defend

1168 - Insights into some recent work on the oscillations of port waters

1169 - Modern Norwegian freighters with rapid handling

1170 - Facility low-voltage circuit protection with breakers in cascade. Problem of the selectivity of the triggers

1171 - Shipbuilding in front of the new electric regulation. The experience of the Ville de Djibouti

1172 - Notes on the safe operation of electrical installations aboard

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