Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-53 - Year : 1954

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 53. Session de 1954

1078 - Designs and possibilities of the S. E. 5 000 Baroudeur

1079 - The French Navy Bathyscaphe

1080 - Marine corrosion in steel structures

1081 - Contribution to the study of the protection of the tight compartments of ships

1082 - Contribution to the study of the paintings for topsides

1083 - Vibratory systems with multiple viscous damping. Applications to the vibrations of torsion of shaft lines

1084 - The aircraft carrier in 1954

1085 - Standardization of shipbuilding plate

1086 - Alternative current distribution on board merchant ships

1087 - Alternators voltage regulation on board ships

1088 - The short-circuit currents in on-board electrical installations with alternative current

1089 - New structure for omnibus ship

1090 - Recent studies on fire protection. Prevention in the construction

1091 - Current application possibilities in France of the l- method of the London Convention

1092 - Remarks on establishing the cold balance of the ship

1093 - Means of protection against moisture in ships

1094 - A few remarks on the transverse stability of and especially light escort ships

1095 - The determination of the dimensions of transverse bulkheads built in wavy plates with vertical folds

1096 - Contribution to the experimental study of the strength of the walls submitted to fluid pressure

1097 - The sea trials of the combined liner Jean Laborde

1098 - How close the steam can be economically transported

1099 - Results achieved in operation on two evaporators devices on Velox boilers

1100 - Some properties of nonlinear filtered servo-mechanisms

1101 - Notes on plans transonic flows. Generalization of the mach number

1102 - Fatigue on swell and admissible load

1103 - Photoelasticimetrique study of the distribution of tensions around the anguillers carved on the bottom stiffeners of ships

1104 - Experimental study of the cyclic tension on welded links of bottom and deck stiffeners of tankers

1105 - Study of the strains on connecting bolt head leaves subject to traction

1106 - Bench testing of marine propulsion systems with free piston generators and gas turbine

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