Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-46 - Year : 1947

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 46. Session de 1947

852 - Léon Guillet (1873-1946)

853 - Léon Guillet (1873-1946)

854 - The choice of the dimensions in a torpedo boat project

855 - Determination of the accuracy and the stability of the servos

856 - The naval air force

857 - Introduction to dimensional doctrines

858 - Vertical vibrations of the ship

859 - The interactions between the hull and the propeller

860 - Results obtained at sea with cavitating propellers

861 - Current state of research on gyration at the Bassin d'Essais des carènes

862 - Concentration of efforts around holes in a plate

863 - On the distribution of the tensions around a circular opening

864 - Experimental research on fatigue of the wedges in the slots of the hub shafts

865 - On a few progressive cracking breaks on outer shafts

866 - Buckling, elastic strain not proportional to the load - application to the crooked bottles - analogies between buckling and vibration

867 - Study of deformation and internal tensions of the pipes with flat mean line, subject to external forces and internal pressure

868 - The defense of the ship against fire - birth and spread of the fire on board

869 - Progress in marine paintings since 1939

870 - The drydocking of La Seine and La Saône tankers

871 - Use of U.S. mineral grease for the launches of ships

872 - Use of modern wood construction and of light engines in the construction of small units of the Navy

873 - Calculation of deformations and the fatigues of a lateral keel of a seaplane

874 - Magnetic field on board - New process for compensation - Application to a compass plane - views of the future on the magnetic compass,

875 - Study of a new type of crankshaft for radial engines

876 - Compared ranges of helicopters with various types of engines

877 - Experimental method of searching for the maximum weight conveyable under a given slope - Definition of the high lift coefficient

878 - Method of calculation of flanges welded for superheated steam

879 - Blades design for fluids with slightly variable density

880 - Some thoughts on the gas turbine, especially its application to marine propulsion

881 - Looking for some clarifications in the definitions and applications of the principles of thermodynamics

882 - The optimum heat exchanger

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