Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-42 - Year : 1938

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 42. Session de 1938

739 - Effects of roughness and scale on the performance of the propeller

740 - The methods for drawing the lines of current in the theoretical or actual flow. Their role in hydrodynamics

741 - Note on a bateau-porte of original shape

742 - A propulsion model amphidromous by propellers placed sometimes forward, sometimes back

743 - Solution of propeller propulsion problems by means of two graphs

744 - Contribution to the study of lapping

745 - Hysteresis and rational mechanics

746 - Remarks on a disruptive cause of the dynamic balance of a submarine in diving

747 - The momentum tensor and the mechanics of waves. Electromagnetism. Erosion

748 - Sketch of a general study of the thin rings made up of arcs of circles connected and working in a way aplexique under a distributed load

749 - Stability and similarity

750 - Recovery of heat from exhaust on ships

751 - Review of the circumstances accompanying the primage in boilers supplied with pure water

752 - Fatigue of boilers collectors tube plates

753 - The damage of marine boiler tubes. Classification test. Review of a few special cases

754 - Notes about the mechanical spray of fuel oils in the burners of marine boilers

755 - Some examples of practical application of the radiographic examination of cast steel parts molded by gamma rays

756 - Another example of application of the radiographic examination of steel parts by gamma rays

757 - Performance of long-range aircraft with constant-speed propellers

758 - Distribution of the stresses in the main faces in corrugated boxes, subjected to bending

759 - On the calculation of critical vibration of twist in engine with gearbox

760 - High altitude operation of injection and compression ignition engines

761 - Considerations on the performance of the aerial propellers and the determination of pitch, speed and optimum diameter

762 - Application of the electric basin to some issue of fluid mechanics

763 - Note on the wake

764 - Stabilization of ships by reaction of water jets

765 - Mechanics of the ship underway and in gyration

766 - The repeated pressure test

767 - Determination of the points of stress in the snares of thrust blocks

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