Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-40 - Year : 1936

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 40. Session de 1936

686 - Jean Rey (1861-1935), his life and his works

687 - The use of the calculation in the construction of the great liners

688 - On some technical problems raised by the new trends in aerial photography

689 - Automatic electrical installations on board ships

690 - The functional organization and its applications to the Navy

691 - Failure of the Fourier series for the study of a presumedly periodic complex phenomenon

692 - Remarks on quadrature formulas

693 - Losses by friction in pipes

694 - On the constitution and the effectiveness of underwater paintings for so-called antifouling surface coatings

695 - Test of a complete theory of the surface condenser

696 - Reflections on the possibility of studying fatigue to the expansion of steam piping by model testing

697 - On some recent enhancements to the local deformations measuring devices

698 - Determination of the points of tension in the shafts of revolution subjected to torsion by means of an electric model

699 - Contribution to the study of tensions in non smooth tubes

700 - Measurement of the bending module by the elasticimetric pendulum ; its variation with temperature

701 - The quality control in high resistance welds

702 - The aircraft carrier with landing platform

703 - The high-lift devices on catapultables seaplanes

704 - Special astronomical aeronautic navigation problems

705 - Contribution to the determination of the ceiling angle

706 - Experimental research on monoplanes wings; tip vortices of the wings; form, intensity, influence of the shape of the tips

707 - Corrosion tests interesting aircraft construction: initial designs and trends

708 - Harmonic analysis of the torque due to the inertia forces in articulated piston aviation engines

709 - Note on the fuel injector in controlled ignition aeronautic engine

710 - The propulsive stabilization of ships

711 - Contribution to launch studies: analysis of the case of the launch of the tanker Scheherazade

712 - Case of abnormal damping of torsion oscillations

713 - Thinkings about the cavitation of the propellers

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