Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-20 - Year : 1909

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime. Numéro 20. Session de 1909

279 - Study of the geometric motion of a roller controlled by a cam

280 - Steam turbines and fuel boilers on warships

281 - Naval archaeology and his teachings

282 - Reaction from the fore-end of a ship during the launch

283 - Variations of the importance of the blades arrangement of a motor unit with the number of shafts and the arrangement of the elements of turbine on these shafts

284 - Note on the forward thrust on crank shafts in marine machinery

285 - Influence of the stiffness in the functioning of marine machinery

286 - Notice on the theory of the roll damper Gyroscope of Dr. O. Schlick

287 - Study on the torque vibrations of propellers shafts

288 - An error always committed in the calculation of the displacement of a ship

289 - Study on some deposits inside the tubes of boilers

290 - Calculation of the steam turbines, with application of a mixed SooHF turbine, measures of the mechanical equivalent of calorie

291 - On the flow of fluids along the surfaces

292 - On the steam trawlers

293 - On the unification of the results of the calculations of resistance of ships

294 - Resistance of a cylindrical tube of infinite length, closed at both ends and filled with pressurized water or immersed in water, the generators being horizontal and cross section having a vertical symmetry axis

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