Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-16 - Year : 1905

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime. Numéro 16. Session de 1905

204 - Notes on the tests of a Solignac-Grille boiler

205 - On the operating flexibility of marine machinery

206 - Study on the surfacic condensers. Rational calculation of these devices

207 - Elementary theory of the flow of gases and saturated vapours in turbines

208 - Note on the tests of the third class English cruisers with turbines and alternative machines

209 - Note on the torpedo boat No. 294, driven by Breguet turbines with Laval discs

210 - Note on consumption at very reduced power of the torpedo boats and destroyers

211 - Special problems in the direct coupling of propellers with steam turbines on ships

212 - Double propellers versus triple propellers

213 - Note on a slider boat

214 - Some thoughts on the meeting of Monaco

215 - Note on protection of ships against torpedoes

216 - A few words on the Russia-Japan war from the point of view of the Navy

217 - Contribution to the study of the shear and bending moments in the hulls of ships

218 - Study on hammering and riveting

219 - General and practical method for the calculation of the curved pieces

220 - New contribution to the study of the artificial fog dispersal. Use of electricity

221 - Hydrodynamic studies. Application of the theory of sources and wells. Extension to three dimensions (continued)

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