Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-13 - Year : 1902

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime. Numéro 13. Session de 1902

154 - Notes on the importance of the role of speed of battleships during the battle

155 - Account of experiences made by means of a hydraulic pendulum

156 - Contribution to the study of the optical detection of wrecks and sunk or immersed ships

157 - Effective surface, harmful surface and coefficient of efficiency of a propeller

158 - Practical formulas on the gyration of the ship (excerpt from the work of Mr. B. Afanassief, sub-inspector general of the mechanical work, Honorary Member of the Technical Committee of the Navy Russian)

159 - On the strength of high-speed ships

160 - Study on the superheated steam

161 - Heating boilers with naphtha in Russia

162 - Experiences relating to the movement of the shafts of the marine machinery

163 - Study on the irregularity of the rotational movement of the marine machinery

164 - Note on the onshore drilling

165 - Stability and developed surface area. Purely analytical, proposed method for the calculation of the centres of volumel of a leant vessel, and of the developed surface area

166 - Application of steam turbines for the propulsion of ships

167 - The roll of the ship on swells determined experimentally using navi-clocks

168 - Comparative action of forces on the invariable, elastic, deformable solids

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