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These last 30 years

In the last 30 years subjects about new actuality have been exposed amongst which we can mentioned:

  • ships like container carrier, polyvalent cargo boat, transporters, cart drivers, gas carriers, barges ;
  • military or civil submarines ;
  • off-shore oil rigs ;
  • human diving and space activities ;
  • computer's applications to conception, construction and ships' exploitation ;
  • the use of old materials and of new materials such as non metallic materials and titanium ;
  • the apparition of new methods of tests in laboratories and of control in real size.

The ATMA has also developed its action on a different level. Traditionally, since 1908, the General Assembly has been followed by the "President's speech" in which this one has explained the evolution of diverse techniques which interest the Association. The publication of the successive speeches in the annual Bulletins constitutes without a doubt for historians of the subject a precious documentation.

In 1974, a certain number of foreign learned companies similar to the ATMA decided to form an organization which was named WEMT (West European Conference on Marine Technology), today CEMT (Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies) in order to organize periodically technical congress about a theme selected among topical problems. This activity still goes on and the participant associations in 2016 are 16: (




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