Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Individual member

Any person wishing to join the ATMA has to present a membership application which must be accepted by the association.

There are 4 grades of individual membership

  • students, no subscription,
  • trainee members, who are less than 30 years old on the first of January of the registration year, subscription 30 € per year,
  • titular members, subscription 60 € per year,
  • donor members, subscription of 750 € at least per year

The ATMA being in France declared association of public utility, each paying member will receive a CERFA receipt which allows a French tax reduction corresponding to 66% of the subscription. So, for paying members submitted to income tax in France, the cost becomes:

  • 10 € for trainee members,
  • 20 € for titular members,
  • 250 € for donor members.

The status of ATMA's member gives the following right and advantage: participation to the annual meeting and session, the ATMA's annual bulletin (report of the annual session), the ATMA's member directory and access to the private part of the internet site (member directory). The members also have the opportunity to take part in ATMA's and CEMT's events (for example seminars) with lower registration fees.

Membership request :

The membership will be registered after agreement of the association Council. You will be informed by mail and then will be able to pay your subscription going on the ATMA web site:
htpps://   Members / Subsrciption

By registering you agree that ATMA memorizes and uses your personal data collected in this form for the purpose of management of the association and in order to communicate with you to inform you on the news of the association, on its activities, on calls to communications. To protect the confidentiality of your personal data, ATMA is committed to not disclose, transmit or share this data with other entities or organizations, whatever they may be, in accordance with the General Rules of Protection of Data of 2018.

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