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ATMA 2013 AWARD – Best conferences

The session Presidents and the ATMA Council have decided to award a medal to the following best papers:

- Method for the quick estimation of the fatigue behaviour in a confined plastic zone: application to ship building welded joints by Sarah PLESSIS, Cédric DOUDARD, David THEVENET, Sylvain CALLOCH (ENSTA Bretagne), Mikael CAZUGUEL (DCNS, Lorient)

- Transfer matrix: how to post-treat local measurements to evaluate the global loads by Fabien BIGOT, Eric BAUDIN (Bureau Veritas)

Congratulations are given by the ATMA Council to the following paper:

- Ultimate strength and induced stresses by repair calculation of a FPSO transverse rig by Philippe CAMBOS, Cristian BRAN, Marie-Françoise RENARD (Bureau Veritas), Claude ANDREAU (TECNITAS).

- Evaluation of the "design" bending moment non linear loads: comparison of the "design" wave and "design" sea state approaches by Quentin DERBANNE, Guillaume de HAUTECLOCQUE - (Bureau Veritas)

- In service ship energy efficiency - the Bureau Veritas SEEMP notation by Martial CLAUDEPIERRE, Jean-François SEGRETAIN (Bureau Veritas)

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