Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2303 - Year : 1998

The safety of every day look through its control

M. Jean-Marie GILORY, Administrateur en Chef des Affaires Maritimes Directeur Régional des Affaires Maritimes Poitou-Charentes


What exactly is the safety/security ? How have the fUies to reply to these questions ? How to hope to see the safety really increase on board the ships and boats, and consecutively to improve the seamen safety and to guard the sea against pollutions ?

Men -various operators about the ships -are more important than the technical fUies. Safety inspectors or supervisors have to be so educationalists than policemen.

Anothers interrogations are about the controls of I.SM. code by port Authorities.

The conclusion point is that the present evolution have to put in order the men -actors of the maritime world -in the heart of the fUies of safety aIl along the exploitation of the ships and the boats. Of course, seamen are mainly concerned.

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