Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2752 - Year : 2020

Evaluating the performance of trochoïdal propellers

Romain HURET - Naval Group – Hydrodynamics – Lorient (France)

Philippe GOUBAULT - Naval Group – Naval Architecture – Nantes (France)

Jean-Charles POIRIER - SIREHNA – Naval Platform Modelling – Nantes (France)

Arnaud CURUTCHET  - ADV TECH – Manufacturer of trochoïdal propellers – Talence (France)


The optimization of propulsive performance of ships is a primary and daily issue during design phases. For combat ships, the constant search for increasing operability through the improvement of seakeeping performance, acoustic stealth and manoeuvring ability is also a concern.

For this reason, Naval Group studied the hydrodynamic impacts on the powering performances of a trochoid propeller designed by ADV TECH on a frigate hull. The study consisted in a towing tank test campaign in order to find the self-propulsive point of the propeller in behind condition. The campaign also allowed investigating the influence of the different propeller settings. The results have been compared to CFD simulation, which allow evaluating the scale effect on this kind of propeller. Finally, the powering requirement is compared to the one required for conventional propulsion.


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