Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2758 - Year : 2021

Polymer additive manufacturing for the "marine nationale" ships support: on-going testins and perspectives

Christophe DESNOUES, Xavier CRANCE - Service Logistique de la Marine - Marine Nationale

Jean-Marc QUENEZ, David SERDIMET - Service de Soutien de la Flotte  - Marine Nationale

Philippe VENTOS -  Naval-Group



For several years, the French Navy has experimented on land and on board polymer additive layer manufacturing. The Aircraft Carrier has carried out tests since 2019 with the help of NG, preceded by the Helicopter Carriers. The gains were immediate in improving the living environment and repairing simple and low stressed components, generating a huge enthusiasm. The industry is also making considerable and rapid progress in 3D printing machines and in materials used for additive layer manufacturing. The direct on board 3D printing of operational components is therefore an important issue to improve ship support. However, supplementary experiments must be carried out with a rigorous scientific and technical framework to validate these components produced with 3D printing. Firstly, the SSF and the SLM are increasing the number of experiments. The delivery of various machines to several Navy ships is planned. Secondly, the validation procedure for components produced by additive layer manufacturing is under control of a new Methodology Office. Finally, a FabL@b within the SLM will provide a place dedicated to the crew trainings while strengthening the SLM / Vessels relationship in this area.


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