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Numéro : 2777 - Year : 2022

PACDG hull cleaning with Ecosubsea robot

CHARDON Hélios, QUENEZ Jean-Marc - Service du Soutien de la Flotte

PENGAM Benjamin - Délégation Générale pour l’Armement

LE FRANC Adrien - Porte-avions Charles de Gaulle

Eudes PERONNEAUD, Philippe VENTOS - Naval-Group

OSTERVOLD Tor - Ecosubsea

Ship Hull cleaning afloat is an traditionally carried out with the help of divers. This process has the disadvantage of dispersing organic matter and paint residues in the environment. A process using robots that automatically recover the fouling, and therefore without discharge into the sea, has been operational for a few years. In particular, Ecosubsea offers hull cleaning with a robot of this type, in Norwegian and Flemish ports. The Flemish ports have established an environmental qualification procedure for its use. This approval is renewed annually. On the French Navy side, the opportunity arose to experiment this robot with Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier hull cleaning, which has an adapted hull profile, as well as an availability during early 2022. The SSF ordered Naval Group to clean the PACDG with the Ecosubsea robot. For this, the control and measurement plan has been instructed with the competent authorities of the naval base, in order to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. This experiment made it possible to demonstrate the absence of environmental impact, as well as a positive effect on the vessel performance. The systematization of the periodic use of such a robot to keep the hulls clean is under consideration.


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