Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2783 - Year : 2022

Challenges in comparisons of numerical and experimental results for cavitating flows

Eduard AMROMIN - Mechmath LLC, Prior Lake (USA)

Capabilities of computational tools for cavitating flows have been substantially enhanced during recent decades. Development and validation of such tools assigned for application to marine engineering always requires employment of the model test results. However, comparisons of numerical and experimental results are not trivial tasks. There are several circumstances challenging such a comparison. In particular, the unique definition exists neither for the cavity shape, nor for the cavitation inception. The material used for fabrication of models and the details of their installation in the water tunnel influencing cavitation of the models are usually out of consideration. The air content and turbulence in the inflow are also substantial for these comparisons. The noted challenges and paths to meet them are discussed with the use of old and new examples of comparisons. One of suggested paths applicable even to the old experimental data is their transformation from dependencies on vapor cavitation number to dependencies on real cavitation numbers corrected with taking into account the inflow air content.

This paper is written in English


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