Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2787 - Year : 2023

Cleaning, scraping and painting robot for shipyards

SAMBOU Jean-Paul, JASTREWSKI Thibaut, QUENEZ Jean-Marc, Service du Soutien de la Flotte, France

VINCENT Hubert, CHOTARD Arnaud, DAMEN Dunkerque, France

RENOUARD Stéphane, AMBPR, LE CALVE Philippe, Anticorr Conseil, France

Yard painting operations are subcontracted to specialized companies. The difficulties have multiplied in recent years: difficulty in finding painters, safety constraints, environmental constraints prohibiting the excessive dispersion of paint during the deposit, planning difficulty due to harsh environmental conditions (rain and wind) that force to postpone painting operation. At the same time, the need for quality control of paint deposition appears with the desire to optimize the ship resistance by controlling fouling and scheduling the periodic cleaning of the hulls. This periodic cleaning consumes a certain thickness of antifouling and implies a perfect control of the painting deposit thickness to avoid any early appearance of bare areas without neither antifouling nor anti-corrosion layer.

The painter robot makes it possible to reduce all the problems at once. safety constraint satisfied since the operator drives the robot remotely; environmental constraint by sucking all the discharges and polluting, less staff required, operations made possible even by heavy rain or wind, perfectly controlled and reproducible deposit quality, possible co-activity with other work that are dangerous for staff thanks to largely automated operations without painters. The article presents the robot developed by AMBPR, its various capabilities, the experiments already carried out a recent experiment demonstrating global performance including both the efficiency and environmental constraints compliancy


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