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Numéro : 2790 - Year : 2023

Ecodesign for warships: from environmental analysis to eco-responsible technologies

Gaëlle ROUSSEAU, Léonie ROLLAND, Naval Group - Direction Technique – Lorient, France

The sea is an essential element for Naval Group's activities. As an industrial company, we are committed to the preservation of our environment. We focus on the operational performance of our ships and our industrial excellence, serving our customers, while seeking all possible solutions to reduce the impacts on the environment. Since 2008, approved by an ISO14001 certification, the eco-design approach initially deployed on surface ship has been extended to submarines, and is progressively integrating Naval Group’s other products lines. Through continuous improvement, Naval Group has adapted its environmental management system and developed methods to measure the impacts of its ships over the entire life cycle. Thus, the eco-design approach has evolved to result in a categorisation of ships according to a 5-level maturity grid, starting from the minimal "Standard" level, which is based solely on the applicable regulations, to the "Excellence" level, which offers concepts integrating the maximum number of eco-responsible technologies. Environmental performance tools supported by R&D, such as Environmental Analysis (AE), LCA or simplified LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), ICE (Environmental Contribution Index), provide quantified and robust data at each of these levels. Naval Group's objective is to gradually evolve the positioning of its ships in this grid and, as a result, to be able to offer a maximum of technologies that reduce their environmental footprint. Blue Shark, a first rank frigate-type combat ship presented at Euronaval in the autumn of 2022, has benefited from this dynamic and incorporates twenty promising technologies, demonstrating that operational and environmental performance are not antinomic but on the contrary complementary.


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