Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2795 - Year : 2023

Commercial applications of the positron annihilation spectrometry to maritime and aerospace by the company POSITHOT

Jean-Michel REY, Pierre BREGEAULT, POSITHOT – Villebon sur Yvette, France

There have been times none believed anti-matter could exist, until mankind discovered it in cosmic rays then created anti-particles in accelerators. From that time on speculations grew hard upon what could be done with those strange particles coming out of nowhere. Success came when physicists choose to use them to probe our existing matter, with astonishing results! As matter annihilates anti-matter when they meet, anti-matter shows an incredible ability to live a little longer when it flies through matter voids revealing by the way all matter defects. Anti-matter spectroscopy was born and became for some time a curiosity in the lab: the thing able to see the holes in the full. Then came AM-GEN, a special line of non-radioactive equipment and automatized and dedicated vacuum instrument based on positron emission and annihilation – developed by POSITHOT a spin-off of the French nuclear research administration (CEA) - which was designed to allow engineers to definitively probe matter vacancies and map out cracks in advanced materials and cutting-edge parts at the near surface in a non-destructive way. A real industrial tool for design, production and service delivering a constant beam of anti-particles for steady quality control that would make our technological equipment safer!


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