Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2797 - Year : 2023

Weight-boyancy equilibrium and stability

Jean LETALLEC, Président d'honneur de l'ATMA, Ancien sous-directeur architecture navale de DCN ingénierie (France)

The static theory of ships (weight-buoyancy equilibrium and stability) has been known for a long time, thanks to the French scientist Pierre Bouguer (ship theory 1746) and some decades later, two naval engineers Charles Dupin et Antoine Bonjean. However, the practice of naval architecture shows there were very often difficulties which lead to overweight or lack of stability that might detract from the other ship’s performances. A review of some typical historical cases allows to identify the root causes of these difficulties. Naval surface ships of the seventies and the eighties are also analyzed, as well as naval submarines, to show how this type of difficulty was overcome and the lessons learnt for future projects.


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