Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2063 - Year : 1988

Parametric study of the mass and form coefficients of a submersible

T.JASTRZEBSKI, Docteur -Ingénieur à l’Institut Naval de l’Université Technique de Szczecin, Pologne.


Some Classification Societies have published rules for classification and building underwater vehicles , The paper deals with those codes and some results of parametric study on requirements influencing the mass and fabrication of submerged strength bodies are presented. A review of rules together with a short discussion of dimensioning problems of pressure hulls is given. For parametric calculations the model of two hemispheres with cylinder has been chosen. Selected results of computer calculations of mass coefficient are exposed in the paper. The codes of ABS, BV, DnV and LRS have been taken into consideration. The review of tolerances and shape coefficients is also presented bearing in mind that those are the main factors when strength and fabrication are concerned. The results of the study can be utilised in optimisation analysis and in elaboration of some preliminary design diagrams and formulae.

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