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Numéro : 2053 - Year : 1988

Military surface effect ships in the 90's

Ph. GOUBAULT, Ingénieur sous contrat, Département Bâtiments de Surface, Sous -Direction Navires du Service Technique des Constructions et Armes Navales


At the beginning of the 70'5 the French "Direction des Constructions Navales" (Direction of Naval Construction) and the "Direction des Recherches Etudes et Techniques" (Direction of Research, Studies and Technology) started preliminary studies about the concept

of Surface Effect Ship (SES).

In the late 70'5 after the main characteristics of an Ocean going SES had been determined, the DCN established a policy for the development of a technological program proceeding by successive steps.

The final aim of the DCN was to design and build mean displacement ships which could answer to Navy's requirements at the end of the 90's. Thus, the EOLES design for an anti-submarine ship was identified as the final objective for the development of Surface Effect

Ships by the DCN.

The purpose of the present paper is to remind the fundamental characteristics of the French concept and to replace EOLES design in the developments conducted in France about Surface Effect Ship technology.

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