Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2616 - Year : 2012

Ship drag reduction by hull ventilation from Laval to near future: challenges and successes

Yury GORBACHEV, Engineering Center of Shipbuilding - St-Petersburg (Russia)
Eduard AMROMIN, Mechmath LLC - Prior Lake (USA)


Drag reduction by hull ventilation is an effective and environmentally friendly technology. Recently an interest to drag reduction by cavitation at small Froude numbers has appeared in Europe, where some model tests have been performed with no results of full-scale experiments yet. However, 4 types of river ships and barges with bottom cavities were successfully tested in Soviet Union from 1966 till 1989. The most substantial information on them is presented here with explanation of hydrodynamic fundamentals and comparison of the Russian data with model test trends recently obtained in USA. A brief note on microbubbles drag reduction for ship forms is also provided.

This paper is written in English

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