Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-71 - Year : 1971

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 71. Session de 1971

1610 - Raymon Puech [1901-1970]

1611 - Gustave Deparis [1874-1971]

1612 - Stability of tugs with transverse pull

1613 - Application of the perturbation method to the calculation of the free modes of a structure

1614 - Some practical applications of the stress measurement by X ray diffraction

1615 - Analysis of fixed tube sheet heat exchangers

1616 - Eddy current testing of naval steam turbine heat exchanger tubes

1617 - Formulation of the surface recession during ablation of a silica-nylon-phenol material

1618 - Experimental study of periodic pressure fluctuations on stationary blades of a high power axial compressor

1619 - Similarity of compressor performance when using gases of various thermodynamic properties

1620 - Oscillations of liquids in vessels

1621 - Non linear computation of the potential flow about a finite span wing of arbitrary shape

1622 - Semi-linearized theory of surface-ship waves

1623 - Study of nonsteady flow through a running stage of turbomachine by non linear theory

1624 - Estimation of the yield strength of cast aluminium alloys

1625 - Lamellar tearing and plate testing in the short transverse direction

1626 - Buckling critical stress calculation of plates by a polynomial method

1627 - About the regulations for the carriage of dangerous liquids in bulk

1628 - Analysis of results obtained with the computer on board Dolabella

1629 - The selection, of antirolling systems for marine vehicles

1630 - Propeller blade vibrations - Experimental results

1631 - Comparison of predicted and actual service speed in three types of cargo ship

1632 - Knowledge and control of the hydroelastic behaviour of heavily lifting surfaces

1633 - On the reduction of the frictional drag of slow ships by means of thin air layer

1634 - A method for measuring the wave resistance

1635 - Study of the load repartition applied to a disalignable clutch with small teeth working in a non aligned position

1636 - Application of the medium-speed diesel engines to the propulsion of the merchant ships and opened perspectives by the recent developments

1637 - In-service behaviour of the cylinder liners/pistons/ring in the propulsion engines of large power

1638 - Examination of the lignum vitae wear of propeller shaft bearings

1639 - Elastic suspension device for manipulating heavy loads from a floating support

1640 - Expansion of car ferries

1641 - Protection of the nuclear reactor compartment of a ship against collisions - Results of 24 model tests

1642 - Some failures concerning on-board electrical installations - Deductible conclusions

1643 - Carbon dioxide removal and air regeneration in nuclear submarines

1644 - Cleanliness in submarine hydraulic systems

1645 - Determination of the sea states from an air photography

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