Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-50 - Year : 1951

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 50. Session de 1951

984 - The compared study of a few assemblies of hull. Easy Assembly and concentrations of tension

985 - A new metallurgical technique: the brilliant chromisation

986 - Calculation of steam heating of oil bunkers

987 - The tests in rectilinear grid of turbomachinery blades

988 - Flow of an inviscid fluid in a rotor with radial blades

989 - Combustion in high-speed flows. Burners with pilot-combustion for turbojet

990 - Considerations on the automatic stabilization of aircraft

991 - Lateral stabilization of aircraft

992 - Diagram of subsonic flow around a wing in vibration

993 - Stability and stabilization of the aerodynes

994 - Trim, stability and heel of vessels in case of damage

995 - Precautions to be taken for the bottom of a ship when shifting from the riveted construction to the welded construction

996 - The drawdown of the smoke on the decks of a ship. Tests on models and practical arrangements

997 - Maritime handling

998 - Acceleration of boarding and off-boarding operations of goods by the use of certain mechanical handling processes

999 - Splitting of cargo of various goods in large handling units

1000 - Remarks on the folding of transversely notched samples

1001 - The chain mail with strut

1002 - New possibilities of the radiographic control by gamma rays

1003 - Modern forms of dye penetrant testing

1004 - Welding by points of light alloys. Experience on the plated duralumin

1005 - Counter-temperature turbins and and back-pressure boilers

1006 - Forms of hulls at speeds of interference V/VL = 1.3 to 2.0

1007 - Simplified equipment for towing and self-propulsion tests of the models to achieve very high speeds

1008 - Influence of the shapes of ships and rudders on the navigation in channels. Comparison of model and the real scales

1009 - Standardization of propellers

1010 - Recording of vibrations of hull without the propulsion machinery is in function

1011 - Straight beam of constant inertia lying on continuous elastic support

1012 - Study of deformation and internal tensions of the pipes with skewed midline, subject to external forces and pressure internal

1013 - Calculations of plane hyperstatic systems made up of straight beams. Application to the doors of dock

1014 - On the method of calculation of the shackles


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