Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-38 - Year : 1934

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 38. Session de 1934

630 - The antic galleys

631 - The London agreement and the evolution of the light cruiser

632 - Repair by electric welding of the Diesel engines on a submarine oil carters

633 - Synthetic study of the gyros

634 - A method of calculation of the mirrors of projectors

635 - A new method of drawing forms plans

636 - Normal reaction due to the total curvature of an elastic plate isotropic and of uniform thickness. Folds and blisters

637 - Mechanical considerations of the modern landing gears

638 - Dangerous speeds for the lifting wings

639 - Additional note on the economy of transport

640 - Transient efforts on the wings and control surfaces of the aircraft

641 - Experimental deterrnination of trajectories and instantaneous speed in the field of air propeller

642 - Foundations of the Gyroplane

643 - Experimental study of the action of transverse wind on a ship

644 - Phenomena caused by a widening or narrowing of a channel

645 - On a problem involving surfaces with a slip-condition in the presence of vortex-sources and sources-vortex

646 - Mathematical study of flows in a regime of cavitation

647 - Speed and stability of the vessel; the question of the optimum design

648 - Elastic limit of the weldable steels at 50 and 60 kilograms

649 - Contribution to the study of the phenomena of dynamic fatigue

650 - Fatigue of metals, its importance in aircraft construction

651 - Some results on endurance under rotating bending tests

652 - The mathematical theories and rash generalizations

653 - Small two-stroke engines Super-Diesel at low power

654 - The operation of Marine Diesel engines, in some special cases

655 - Notes about the damping of the twist oscillations of shaft lines with Diesel engines

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