Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-17 - Year : 1906

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime. Numéro 17. Session de 1906

222 - Stability of a cylindrical floating body under large angles of inclination, intluence of the height of topsides

223 - Theorem on the differential metacentre

224 - Contribution to the study of the fragility of the metals. Criticism of the test of the shock

225 - A shock test

226 - Remarks on the experimental study of the flow in the steam generators

227 - "Note on the determination of the main dimensions of marine turbines. (More of a ""Note on the flow of gases and saturated vapour"")"

228 - The overheating in the Navy. Distribution by controlled valves, System Lentz

229 - The liners of the Midland Railway

230 - Resistance to rotation of the propellers in vessels with three propellers. Resistance of the propeller of a tug. Abnormality apparent in our ordinary formulas

231 - Notes on the resistance of the central propeller in three propellers ships

232 - Note on the propellers. Calculation of the resistance to rotation

233 - Note on change of the wheels on the liners North and the Pas-de-Calais

234 - Self-propelled boats

235 - The absolute size of the battleships, based on the speed

236 - The warships under construction in the United States

237 - The warships during the war Russo-Japonaise

238 - The diversity of the calibers of marine artillery

239 - The fire in a closed space

240 - The flow of water vapor forms

241 - Notes on the specific heat of water, its entropy and of its steam

242 - Account of a trip of studies in Germany (June-July 1906)

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