Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-11 - Year : 1900

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime. Numéro 11. Session de 1900

110 - Speech at the opening of the Congress of Architecture and naval Constructions

111 - Stability of a ship after a collision at sea, specific provisions to prevent capsizing

112 - Notes on an application of the theory of stability at finite angles

113 - Note on a new computing device : the power-totalizing meter. Application to the calculation of the leaning hulls

114 - New research on the resistance of the hull and the functioning of the boats

115 - Notes on the resistance to the movement of a vessel, when the dimensions in the sense of the length, width or depth are changed in a constant ratio

116 - Practical formulas for the movement of the ship

117 - Contribution to the theory of the propulsive propellers

118 - About propellers

119 - Adoption of a rational system of units in matters of shipbuilding

120 - Unification of the results of the calculations of ships

121 - Battleships-cruisers, destroyers-avisos and submarine torpedo-ships: three future mergers

122 - The warship of the future

123 - Notes on the application of the laws on the tonnage of ships in various countries

124 - Report of experiments on a generator Niclausse specially built by the Société des générateurs inexplosibles, patents Niclausse, to determine at the different rates of combustion, the vaporization of each of the stages of

125 - Study on boilers

126 - Comparative measures of vibration on the Hansa and Vineta of the German Navy cruisers

127 - Vibrations of the steam-boats

128 - Propulsion of ships by discs with alternative rectilinear motion and transmission by metal strips

129 - Fatigue of the piping of steam produced by their hot dilatation

130 - Note about the trials of a Riverboat with multiple propellers

131 - Protection of the hulls of ships from torpedo attack and the action of the spur, and possible changes in shapes and proportions of the warships for the protection

132 - Paper on a new type of ship without pitching and rolling, self-righting and unsinkable after collision

133 - Construction of fuel steam-boats in Sweden

134 - Light-boats and steam-boats of inspection of the Service of lighthouses in the United States

135 - Electrical installations on board the Cruiser Reinha Da Amelia and the Libonne Arsenal

136 - Note on the bailout

137 - The floating dock as auxiliary of a warship

138 - Maneuvering Gear and towing cables fixations in steel wire

139 - Hydraulic screens

140 - Naval architecture seen from the point of view of business and the influence it exerts on trade

141 - Description of the shipyard of Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company

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