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1999 Seminar – ASSS

ASSS - Autonomous Surface Ships Symposium

Papers available in "Publications/Papers list", year 2008

Papers list:

2527 - Technical and economical models specific to robotised equipments – Exemplified with UAS (Dr Catherine FARGEON - DGA / CGARM, General François LEFAUDEUX - 2S)

2528 - Unmanned aircraft systems - the current situation (Peter van BLYENBURGH - UVS International)

2529 - Future air transport system – how far toward automation? (Antoine JOULIA - ONERA, Claude LE TALLEC - ONERA, Hélène JACQUET - ERDYN)

2530 - Autonomous underwater vehicle: technologies status (Hervé AYREAULT - DGA/CESMA)

2531 - Operating a remotely controlled yacht at very large distances Philip WILSON - University of Amsterdam)

2532 - The Robosail project, lessons learned (Pieter ADRIAANS - University of Amsterdam, Martijn VAN AARTRIJK - University of Amsterdam)

2533 - Between the drifting buoy and the autonomous sailing boat: the microtransat concept (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse)

2534 - Autonomous surface vehicles: some concepts with application to oceanographic survey (Robert MILLET - ROBOSOFT, Frédéric PUMET - ISIR, Jean-Claude DERN - Consultant)

2535 - Sea Explorer – A glider dedicated to oceanographic missions (Yann LE PAGE - ACSA underwater GPS)

2536 - Hybrid unmanned vehicles fleet conducting mine warfare operations (Hubert THOMAS - ACSA Underwater GPS)

2537 - From RODEUR to post SPARTAN (Olivier DOUCY - SIREHNA, Jean-Pierre LE GOFF - SIREHNA et Fabrice GHOZLAN - SIREHNA)

2538 - Protector, unmanned surface vehicle (USV) (Mr. Shaike MAROM - RAFAEL, Israel)

2539 - Unmanned maritime systems integration (Frederic SCHOM - DCNS)

2540 - A point of view on future light USV development (Daniel SCOURZIC - ECA)

2541 - Automatic boat segmentation and enhancement for marina monitoring (Habib DJEBALI, Valentin GIES et Michel GRIMALDI - Laboratoires PROTEE, Frédéric BOUCHARA - Laboratoire LSIS)

2542 - Autonomous coordination of surface ships (Dr. Erik KYRKJEBØ - SINTEF, Norvège)

2543 - Advanced functions for USV (Olivier DONEY et Fabrice GHOZLAN - SIREHNA)

2544 - Fault-tolerance design of motion control for offshore platform (Ikuo YAMAMOTO - University of Kitakyushu, Japan, Hiroaki HIRAYAMA-  Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation, Japan)

2545 - Technologies for data fusion applied to robust obstacle detection (Gilles MICHEL, Nicolas DU LAC, Claire DELAUNAY - INTEMPORA)


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