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1999 Seminar – 100 YEARS OF SUBMARINES

100 years of submarines

Papers available in "Publications/Papers list", year 1999

Papers list:

2323 - 100 years of submarines: thoughts about the technical and operational evolutions (Amiral Bernard LOUZEAU)

2324 - Narval de Laubeuf adventure, from the submersible to the squadron submersible (C.V. Claude HUAN)

2325 - The class "R" submarine generation (David BROWN)

2326 - The deep oceans conquest: the bathyscaphes (IGA Pierre WILLM)

2327 - 1899-1999: one century of submarine building. Restart of the submarine building after 1945 (IGA Jean TOUFFAIT)

2328 - The origin of the nuclear propulsion in France (Jacques CHEVALIER)

2329 - Thirty years of nuclear submarines (IGA Alex FABAREZ)

2330 - The submarine technical and operation evolution (IGA Jean LETALLEC)

2331 - "All drains closed!" (CA François DUPONT)

2332 - One century of submarine building. The submarine detection (Bernard TOCQUET)

2333 - Submarine anaerobic propulsion, the Mesma (ICA Alain BOVIS)

2334 - The French-Spanish project Scorpene (Sr Louis TALLON)

2335 - The world submarine market (IGA Philipe ROCHER)

2336 - Subsea interventions (Pierre DAVID)

2337 - A submarine for the future: the Barracuda program, attack nuclear submarine (ICA Jacques LEBRETON)

2338 - Prospective vision of the submarine place in the defence system (Laurent LETOT)


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