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Safety - Reliability in the maritime and aeronautical domains

Papers available in "Publications/Papers list", year 1994

Papers list:

2243 - Warships survivability (J. GERALD - DGA/DCN Ingéniérie)

2244 - The air transport safety (IGA C. FRANTZEN - DGAC and ISDF)

2245 - A study of casualty data for ships carrying hazardous and noxious substances (Text in English) (J.T.STANSFELD - Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

2246 - RAM in the oil industry (J.P. SIGNORET - Elf Aquitaine Production and ISDF)

2247 - Risk analysis and RAM of the large membrane LNG carriers (B. DABOUIS - Bureau Veritas

2248 - Risk oriented program management (J.M. MORIN, A. LE GALL and M. MAURICE - OPL, IPA J.P. JULLIEN - DGA, IA A. PORTALIS - Programme Coelacanthe)

2249 - The operator, automation and safety (IGA J.C. WANNER - Académise Nationale de l'Air et de l'Espace)

2250 - The operator protection versus risk, view from the "juridical and financial" aspect (C.W.H. GOLDIE - UK PI Club)

2251 - Under building and navigating ships risk analysis: subcontracting impact. The management of these same risks by insurance (A. BESSE - Cabinet Besse)

2252 - Risk analysis of the maritime and aeronautical means financing (M. CORDE, B. DUAULT - Société Générale)


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